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Southwestern Pottery

Southwestern Pottery is beautiful, decorative and invokes Native American history.

Native American Indian pottery, from the ancient Indians to the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and today’s pueblo pottery, has evolved into a beautiful and expressive art form. It has served both decorative and functional purposes for thousands of years. Today we visit museums that display the pots of the ancient Anasazi, most of which were used in their daily life. We peruse galleries offering some of the most valuable of today’s Native American Pottery Designs, valued for exquisite craftsmanship and geometric design. We collect it, admire it, study it and in some cases use it. The pottery of the ancestors of today’s Native Americans exhibits so many different styles and uses. Practical Southwestern Indian pottery application included water and food storage, cooking pots and eating and drinking utensils. Some pieces were used only for ceremonial purposes and others were perhaps used to hold beads or to store other things.
Inexpensive Southwestern pottery is as varied in style as it is in use.  Some pots are etched with petroglyphs or geometric designs, others are painted, while still others are adorned with leather, feathers and beads.

Some of our pottery is hand made in the southwest by Native American artists and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

If you are a collector of these beautiful Native American representations, check back with us often.  We will be adding more Pottery to our stock every month!