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Welcome to MySouthwestDecor.com

Southwestern Home Decor and Western Home Decor items that transform your home or office.

At MySouthwestDecor.com, we have hundreds of unique items available and southwest decor for sale. Horse SunsetWe strive to offer the best customer service on all our Southwest Home Decor, Southwestern Decor Ideas, and Western Room Decor products. We offer a complete "no questions asked" 30-day, money back warranty on all Southwest Decor, Southwestern Decor, and Country Western Decor products. Contact us if you have any questions about our Southwest Decor, Southwestern Decor, and Western Art Decor products on our website.

MySouthwestDecor.com offers many types of southwestern decorations for your home or office.  You'll find exquisite detail crafted into all of the items we offer.  Please remember that we ensure customer satisfaction on every order. Make sure to contact us today if you have any questions.  You'll love our prompt and courteous customer service.  Check back with us often, we will be adding new categories and new items every month!  
The following categories are available now:

Figurines and sculptures

You will delight in the life-like detail of these figurines!  Whether the figurine is cast in resin, alabastrite or crafted from leather the attention to detail is amazing! Most figurines are between 10 inches and 12 inches high and will accent any fireplace mantle or end table with a touch of the rugged southwest of days gone by.

Kachina Dolls
The beauty and artistry of these hand-crafted Kachina Dolls are amazing.  Each Kachina is individually handcrafted and hand painted by a Native American artist, so each one is unique.  The images of the Kachinas on this site are representative of each style, but no two are alike in feathers or clothing.

If you are a collector of these beautiful Native American representations, check back with us often.  We will be adding more Kachina Doll styles to our stock every month!

Lamps and Candles
Lamps and Candles will put the finishing touches on your Southwestern or Western decorating ideas while adding warmth and charm to your home or office.  MySouthwestDecor.com offers a selection of lamps, table lamps, kids lamps, candles and candle holders that will brighten any room. These lamps and candle holders are constructed of quality materials with the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Southwestern Pottery

Native American pottery, from the ancient Indians to the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and today’s pueblo pottery, has evolved into a beautiful and expressive art form. It has served both decorative and functional purposes for thousands of years.  Southwestern pottery is as varied in style as it is in use.  Some pots are etched with petroglyphs or geometric designs; others are painted, while still others are adorned with leather, feathers and beads.  Native American artists here create much of our pottery in the southwestern United States.  Collectors covet many of the styles we offer on our site.

Southwest Wall Decor
The perfect way to put the finishing touches on any room is by filling empty wall space with works of art. MySouthwestDecor.com sells a variety of wall decor to compliment any style of southwestern decor.  Whether looking for novelty items to brighten up a child's room, something a bit more rustic for your den or office, or true works of art to enhance the most elegant of rooms in your home, MySouthwestDecor.com has what you are looking for.  Items include clocks, paintings, photo frames, wall hooks, hand made Native American artifacts and much, much more.

Decorate your home with the flavor of the Southwest by adding a cactus to your decor. Whether a whimsical statue, an accent lamp or something that enhances the Christmas Holiday, a cactus always shouts "SOUTHWEST SPOKEN HERE!!".

Christmas Items
Have a Very Merry Christmas! Southwestern style of course! Christmas in the southwest is a bright, colorful, joyous holiday. Choose any of our brightly colored products to add that southwestern flare to your holiday season.

Southwestern Clocks
Fill that empty space on the wall or accent table with a practical and beautiful time piece. MySouthwestDecor.com offers a selection of Southwestern and Western style table and wall clocks that will finish the decor of any room. These southwest design clocks are constructed of quality materials with the highest craftsmanship and attention to detail. The themes feature horses, a wolf in winter, a beautiful indian girl and much , much more. All clocks are battery operated, so they can be placed anywhere worrying about hiding that ugly electrical cord. Batteries are not included. Whether hanging on a wall or resting on a table, these clocks are beautifully detailed and will always offer the correct time at a glance.  

Native American Artifacts
Most of these Native American Indian decor are cherrished by collectors. Some are plain and simple while others rather ornate. Either way they all represent some aspect of the Native American Culture. Most Artifacts are now used for ceremonial purposes, but all have root in the ancient beliefs and customs of the original tribes of the American Southwest. For example, each item placed on an artifact has a purpose:

Trade beads—dreams come true
Feathers—quickness and speed
Leather and fur—comfort

All of the artifacts available in this category are hand made by Native American artists. Because each Native American artifact is hand made, each one will be unique. No two are exactly alike. For this reason photos are examples ONLY. Beads, feathers and fur WILL VARY on each item. If you have a preference, please state it by using the drop down boxes provided when you order. Most of our aritfacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The majestic stallion is a symbol of southwestern history. The Spaniards’ earliest explorations, or entradas, into the New World brought significant changes to the peoples living in the American Southwest. Beginning in the 1500s, the Spanish introduced the horse in their journeys through the land and their battles with the indigenous populations.Native Americans, particularly the Apache, Navajo, and Utes, quickly adapted to horses. Horses enabled them to travel great distances, mount raiding parties on Pueblo and Spanish settlements, engage in battle and, eventually serve as scouts with the United States Army.The horse has played a significant part in settling the American Southwest. Native American, Hispano, and later Anglo settlers established cattle ranches, roamed the range, and drove cattle drives.Because of the horse, the American cowboy culture came into being.

The wolf fulfilled two roles for the Indian: he was a powerful and mysterious animal, and so perceived by most tribes, and he was a medicine animal, identified with a particular individual, tribe or clan. At a tribal level, the attraction to the wolf was strong, because the wolf lived in a way that made the tribe strong. He provided food for all, including the old and sick members of the pack. He saw to the education of his children. He defended his territory against other wolves.


Many, many more items will be added in the weeks to come. New items arrive at our warehouse every week, so be sure to visit us often.